Startup advice: “Hire Scandinavians, they expect a hard life”

On Tuesday night I was at the entrepreneurs professional networking forum, First Tuesday’s Award Afterparty.

I caught up with the CEO and founder of the winning company ,Paul Ostergaard of

He had some funny advice for which nationality startups should hire and why!

Hosted by Paul Allen’s The Hospital Club the awards celebrated the top three companies.

A record 175 companies got nominated this year and the three finalists shared their story to why and how they became UK’s most promising internet companies – so lot’s of valuable insight to take home!

The sound on the video is a bit shoddy- sorry about that! ..oh! and look at that shiner!

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  1. tim says:

    what happened to the news, the show elements. foreign correspondents etc im puzzled?

  2. hermione says:

    Well the problem was that by the time we edited to headlines the news was old…we still do the segments – expert and escalator pitch but we are now going to do a live show weekly instead..Or do you think weekly show better?

  3. tim says:

    live show sounds fun if it’s anything like pop 17, less time in edit can’t be a bad thing!

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  5. I want to put a ding within the universe.
    I’ve never felt like I was inside the cookie business. I’ve always been in a very feel good feeling business. My job is always to sell joy. My job is usually to sell happiness. My job would be to sell an event.

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