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Want to learn how to make a web application within 48 hours? Get your tickets quick! Launch48 starts this Friday!

Launch48 Conference and Launch48 Weekend is fast approaching at the end of this week! And we wanted to make sure that you got your tickets in time.

In case you didn’t know, Launch48 Weekend is a full two days dedicated to building a web application from start to finish. And on the Friday, there’s the Launch48 Conference which brings together top entrepreneurs and developers who will give the best advice on how to build and develop stand-out web applications!

You can buy your tickets here.

Here’s a recap of last year’s Launch48 Weekend:

In 10 days I’ll be having the adventure of a lifetime in Sierra Leone, West Africa-And you can come too!

On the 1st October I’ll be traveling to Sierra Leone, West Africa to report on the launch of British entrepreneur Ben Keene‘s eco tourism/Internet project Tribewanted.  Launched in Fiji five years ago the project is an online community that helps build and make decisions for an offline community. Ben is now franchising the project and launching Tibewanted in Sierra Leone, a country that has been at war torn over blood diamonds for ten years. The country is now politically stable, but in economic melt down and it’s hoped launching Tribewanted:Sierra Leone will encourage foreign investment in the shape of tourism and help rebuild the country.

What do I know about Sierra Leone? Well judging by the Wikipedia and YouTube videos I’ve been watching, the film Blood Diamond is a pretty good depiction of what happened and it’s sickening and disgusting. I’d say I’m pretty hard core when It comes to traveling, having been to Kenya and India on my own, but I’ve got to admit I’m a little bit scared about heading to a country with such a brutal violent history, I hope I find that Sierra Leone’s past is behind them and that it’s a wonderful destination for a holiday.

If you want to join the adventure you can win a FREE trip to join the Tribe in Sierra Leone if you join the Facebook group before the end of September. Follow them on Twitter too!

Some shocking footage of life in Sierra Leone during the war with the rebels:

Tribewanted trailer:

LikeOurselves: the latest competitor to Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla & Rummble?

Hi all! This is Lauren here,’s newest intern! I’m in London from the States for the next few months working with to learn some more about this whole tech and social media scene. I’m thrilled to be a part of it! I get to go to really cool events and put together videos for you about the stuff I learned. You can follow me on Twitter @lauren_june

Last week I  attended Social Media Monday, ironically enough on a Thursday, and caught up with the creators behind the new LikeOurselves application. It’s a really cool social network that uses geolocation technology to help you find people in your area who you might be interested in meeting. The neat part about it is you can check out people right in the same building or attending the same event as you.

As you probably know, LikeOurselves isn’t exactly a brand new concept. With a world so flooded with social media, we wanted to know how LikeOurselves is going to stand up to the competition of similar applications like Foursquare and Facebook Places. Is it going to be the same old, same old or does it have something new to offer? It seems like an interesting way to connect with strangers. It could really help cut down the awkward small talk when you first meet someone. Hopefully privacy won’t be an issue, but as with all social media, you know what you’re getting yourself into when you sign up. The application is just in its beta stages, so we’ll have to keep an eye on it as it develops further.

As I said, I caught up with Steven, one of the creators of LikeOurselves to see what he had to say about the new application. It’s always good to get a taste of what the consumers thought too, of course, so I spoke to two audience members who have recently started using LikeOurselves. Check out the video to see what I found! :)

Think it all happens in Silicon Valley? You’re wrong! with 99designs Melbourne’s Webby Award Winners in 2010!

We are almost halfway through the series looking at the behind-the-scenes of Melbourne’s top startups and this week we bring you an in-depth interview with the guys from 99 Designs who also happened to win a prestigious Webby Award this year.

Australia; it’s not just about sandy beaches, beers and bbqs, Melbourne (and Sydney) have thriving digital and tech communities and this month, entrepreneur and technology journalist Hermione Way and her team at Techflufftv will be exploring the startup scene interviewing the hottest startups for The Next Web Australia’s Melbourne Silicon Beach Series.

Sponsored by Kodak, Silicon Beach Australia and The Next Web, decided to delve a little deeper into Melbourne’s startup scene and video interviewed ten of these companies.

This week we caught up with Mark Harbottle and Jason Sew Hoy from 99designs. Mark and Jason talks to us about the crowd-sourcing design space and how they were able to expand beyond Melbourne and into San Fransisco.

Stay tuned for next week as we will bring you an interview from Adioso.

The Bollywood Burlesque themed Take Heart Ball is fast approaching! 7th October 2010 – Save the date!

We know this should be a tech-related news bite, but we’re helping out a friend’s charity, Lucian Tarnowski, who also happens one of the UK’s leading technology entrepreneurs and founder of BraveNewTalent.

This could be the party to end all parties, and it’s all for a great cause! On Thursday 7th October, hundreds will gather for the Bollywood Burlesque-themed Ball at Kensington Roof Gardens to help raise money in support of the Take Heart India Foundation. TechfluffTV’s, Hermione Way, and the official face of the #LondonNudeTechCalendar will be there on the night with her crew from to capture all the action. So make sure you save the date!

The ball will offer all kinds of crazy fun and entertainment including burlesque dancers, snakes, magicians, stilt walkers, fire breathers and live music performers. There will also be an auction and a best dress prize – so get those costumes ready :)

Last year, Take Heart India raised a whopping £25,903.00 surpassing their goal of £20,000.00. This year we want you to help make this the party of the year by coming to show your support! Tickets are £20 each and 100% of the proceeds from the ball go directly to support current Take Heart projects.

Hermione will also be visiting the charity in India in November, so check back for her video series.

See below a video from Lucian who visited English language and IT school last year, where you can meet the faces behind the charity and those who you’ll help with your generous donation. proud to be global media partners for Launch48!

Our sister company,, is very excited to announce that it will be Launch48‘s global media partner for all their upcoming events!

For their first event, Launch48 is running a competition to promote Launch48 Weekend and the Launch48 Conference. They are offering five free tickets to anyone who can create the craziest and most creative web business pitches submitted before Friday 17 September. You can submit your idea here.

Launch48 Weekend runs from Friday 24 – Sunday 26 September, where tech savvy people will come together at the PayPal Office in Richmond to create and launch a web business in just 48 hours. The event aims to create web apps and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend and participate! The conference runs from 9:ooam to 18:00pm Friday 24 September at the same location. will be there to capture all the action!

Here’s one of our previous videos about Launch48:

launch482009 from Newspepper on Vimeo.

I need your help! How can we save the UK?

Tomorrow I am having a meeting with the government about how to solve the digital crisis that’s about to happen- The IT and digital industries are growing six times faster than any other industry but the number of children choosing ICT GCSE is in steady decline, why?

Because the ICT curriculum in the UK is so out of date teaching kids mundane skills like word processing and office productivity tools rather than engaging children in the mathematics and science behind their favorite computer games .

These children are  surrounding themselves with technology every day and clearly have an interest in social networks like Facebook, but the problem, I believe, is not only the curriculum being past its sell by date, but children do not make the connections between studying IT or computer science and getting a job at Facebook or Apple.

A report last week said technology industries added £102billion a year to the economy but the IT curriculum is so bad it is holding back the UK’s creative, digital and IT industries, business and university leaders said. With our banks going down the pan, our digital and creative industries are the only assets the UK has left to offer the world stage, but with our children shunning ICT, we will never have the opportunity to replicate the initiatives and innovation environments that brought the world Google and Amazon.

So, I need your help, if a new ICT curriculum was formed today, what aspects of the IT and digital industry should be on it and how can we engage the next generation in learning about the fundamentals of the Internet and Technology industry?

You can leave comments or email me and I will report back to you on any progress. Thanks!

What’s new in digital design: dConstruct 2010 with Microsoft’s Ubelly

The lovely Sara Allison was reporting for Microsoft’s events blog at dContruct2010. We worked together on producing the video to bring you the latest in design.  Now in its sixth year, dConstruct 2010 brings together leading industry figures to explore the power of design thinking and show how we can all become just a little bit more creative.

Seedcamp Week Finalists for 2010 announced today!

Today, Seedcamp announced the 22 teams who have won a place at this year’s Seedcamp Week, starting next Monday 13 September 2010. These companies were chosen from all over the world and will be competing to become this year’s Seedcamp winners, which includes investment and a year of intense mentoring.

Over the years, Seedcamp Week has attracted some of the technology industry’s leading players, with this year being no different! Mentors include Google, Ebay, Mydeco, Qype, Wonga, Mindcandy and Livebookings.

You can find the full list and short company descriptions here and you can view next week’s schedule here.

See below a very quick interview with Reshma Sohoni, CEO of Seedcamp, talking about last year’s competition.

Listen Up! JavaScript Developers – awesome miniconf sponsored by Vodafone coming to London

To all you hardcore techies and JavaScript developers out there, London’s Ajax User Group is giving you a great opportunity to add to your Ajax tool kit! On Saturday, 18 September, Dylan , the founder Dojo, will be hosting an all day JavaScript Mini Conference, full of meet-and-greets, talks, and the nice perks of food and drinks. Speakers will include IBM representatives James Thomas and Matthew Perrins and Vodafone representatives Radu-Florin Cojocaru and Sanj Matharu, as well as so many more from other companies like SitePen and JSFiddle.

Here’s a look back at a previous developers event we covered a few weeks ago:

Facebook Developer Garage London – Graph API hackathon from Newspepper on Vimeo.